7-in-10 college students think #BlackLivesMatter is anti-police

In a time when even President Obama agrees that college campuses are oppressive to free speech and diversity of opinion; when students across the country have spent the last several months demanding “safe spaces” and mandatory sensitivity training; one might be led to believe that college students are now more liberal than ever.

However, new polling data released by the Young America’s Foundation, indicates how students really feel about the Black Lives Matter movement, along with several other key issues.

Out of the 1,000 college students surveyed by the polling company inc./WomanTrend, nearly 7-in-10 agreed that, “given recent acts of violence against police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement has cultivated an anti-police culture.”

This is especially surprising given the racially charged protests that have erupted at so many universities this semester.

“The protests on campuses this fall have been driven by a vocal minority of college students,” said YAF spokesperson Emily Jashinsky. “You can see in the data that most students aren’t radicalized, progressive activists. In fact, if the protests have accomplished anything, they’ve exposed students to how radical the Left has become and it is driving them to the right on certain issues like free speech and respecting the police.”

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