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Tapper grills Biden on plagiarism vs. Clinton's email scandal

CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked Vice President Joe Biden if he was "confused" about the double standard in politics that forced him to bow out of the 1988 presidential election...  Read more

Trump's fingerprints on GOP platform light

Where Donald Trump's stamp was added, the adjustments were largely cosmetic, crafted to acknowledge the party's new populist leader without alienating the conservative activists who labor over the platform...  Read more

58% of millennials would vote Trump (if he changed on one issue)

The media loves to promote the narrative that millennials are far-left liberals who would never vote for a Republican, but polling shows that a majority of them aren’t socialist ideologues...  Read more

Dallas Police Chief to protesters: “We’re hiring…become part of the solution”

The aftermath of the Dallas police shooting has not been easy for Police Chief David Brown who has faced death threats and had his decision to kill the suspect with a police robot, but he’s still looking to amend the situation through productive means...  Read more

As Convention Approaches, Will Romney or Kasich Step Up?

Any serious student of the theory and history of the Republican National Convention knows the delegates to that convention are unbound and free to exercise their judgment...  Read more

Trump’s VP shortlist? Poll shows Americans don’t care

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released his shortlist of vice presidential candidates, each with varying levels of influence within the political realm...  Read more

Gary Johnson jumps to 2nd place (among millennials)

It finally happened. Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is beating Donald Trump to earn second place in a major poll…  Read more

Mexican president: 'No way' we're paying for Trump's wall

Mexico's president dismissed presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's call for a southern border wall to be paid for by Mexico...  Read more

Potential Trump VP Michael Flynn says he's pro-choice

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a leading contender to be Donald Trump's running mate on the Republican ticket this fall, said Sunday that he is pro-choice...  Read more

Gowdy Grills FBI Director Over Hillary Email Investigation

On Thursday, FBI director James Comey testified before Congress about the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use while secretary of state, following the FBI's decision not to recommend criminal charges...  Read more

White House dodges on possible Clinton email hack

Asked about the vulnerability caused by Clinton's email server, White House press secretary Josh Earnest only repeated FBI Director James Comey's findings...  Read more

Americans blame economic woes on Bush

Almost two-thirds of respondents said Bush deserved a "great deal" of blame for the weak economy...  Read more

What explains liberal dominance at colleges? Blame New England

Need a culprit to blame for the ideological imbalance in college? Look to New England...  Read more

Faced with Trump or Clinton, millennials consider college in Canada

Along with the interest in moving to Canada to avoid Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Canadian colleges have a growing appeal for American students...  Read more

Trump Is Clueless on Saddam and Terror

Donald Trump praised Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein for his handling of terrorists at a Tuesday campaign rally in Raleigh, North Carolina...  Read more

Trump’s June fundraising numbers are YUGE

Trump’s fundraising numbers for the month of June were “YUGE.”...  Read more

Clinton adds some ‘free’ to her wonky student loan plan to woo Sanders’ millennials

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will announce a proposal allowing individuals who are paying off student loans a three-month intermission so they can restructure their debt, the Washington Post reported...  Read more

Rubio won't help 'Big Donald' in Cleveland

In his absence, Sen. Marco Rubio joins a list of prominent Republicans who will not show up at the convention this year. His campaign insists it's nothing personal...  Read more