“Racist undertones”: Student chastised by OSU faculty and students for pro-life article

If someone is threatened for telling the truth, they’re doing something right. That’s what happened when Ohio State University law student Madison Gesiotto penned a column for the Washington Times, “The number one killer of black Americans,” which she said is abortion.

As the College Fix reported, Gesiotto received threats from OSU students she did not know. A Facebook message warned “the government cannot take action against you for your offensive and racist article. But your colleagues can.” Gesiotto then scheduled a meeting with Alan Michaels, the dean. Her meeting was not what she expected, nor what it should have been.

Instead of discussing the threat, Gesiotto was chastised by three deans, who picked apart her article to question and criticize it. As the Washington Times reported, present was Kathy Seward Northern, the associate dean for admissions, whom had assured Gesiotto that she was “satisfied… that there was not an intent to threaten [her] with physical harm.”

In addition to questioning the article, Northern criticized the piece since “she thought this was not proper legal writing or journalistic writing,” and that “in her mind this article could be taken various ways and left questions to be answered.”

The column was not meant to be a piece of “legal writing,” and obviously the Washington Times disagrees with Northern about it being “not proper… journalistic writing,” since they saw it fit to publish.

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